40+ Free Knobs PSD UI

40+ Free Knobs PSD UI

Knob tend to be very well-known forms of user interface elements within the real life for a long time, they have additionally switched into the present day realm of touch screen smartphone as application UI design such as for instance multimedia or music player knob.

On this page we have put together a great collection of high-quality free knobs PSD files and also dials, switches, sliders, toggles elements with editable components that will enable one to mix together elements into completely new UI components. Hope you will find one of these free PSD files to suit your every design and style requirements.

Knobs and Switches

Knobs and Switches

Beautiful knobs and switches PSD template with 17 different design, it’s easy to change colours and ready for retina display.


Sound Control Knob PSD

sound control knob psd

Merely awesome knob ui design here! The main points are bang on in addition to shadow work actually assists lift the knob off the primary area.

Download Sound Control Knob

Light Knob PSD

light knob psd

An excellent clean exemplory case of ui knob design here, good use of a subtle shade cast to smooth out of the areas.

Download Light Knob

Light Metal Dial PSD

light metal dial psd

This is certainly a good little bit of ui knob design, the light metal resistant to the darker back ground works well in this piece.

Download Light Metal Dial

Minimal metal knob PSD

minimal metal knob psd

A really beautiful exemplory case of clean graphical user interface design. The refined gradients and well controlled high-lights give this piece an extremely polished overall look and feeling.

Download Minimal metal knob

Cream Amount Knob PSD

cream volume knob psd

That is an excellent ui knob idea, good simple details really get this design stick out. The cut away edge all over main knob is an excellent touch!

Download Cream Volume Knob

Metal Volume Knob PSD

metal volume knob psd

This might be a wonderful exemplory instance of ui knob design. The gradients look great as well as the blue swirl really get this ui knob design eye catching.

Download Metal Volume Knob

Volume and Power Knob PSD

volume and power knob psd

That is an awesome bit of graphical user interface design, great vision, superb color palette and a tremendously original unique strategy truly makes this knob design stick out from a crowd. Amazing ui design work Mike!

Download Volume and Power Knob

Knob plastic PSD

knob plastic psd

The following is a real skeuomorphic beauty. The shadows, designs and gradients literally get this to ui factor feel touchable. The less heavy tone and shallow gradient from the front side associated with main control really helps to get this to part pop music and feel closer towards the user.

Download Knob plastic

Red Glow Knob PSD

red glow knob psd

Awesome ui knob design here, colour palette, highlights and gradients look great in this piece. The finger printing is a nice little touch to.

Download Red Glow Knob

Vinyl Knob PSD

plastic knob psd

A good exemplory case of ui knob design here, the shading and shadow work are actually achieved. I really like the delicate light casting in the left-hand side of the knob through the show lights. Fabulous!

Download Vinyl Knob

Analog-digital Knob PSD

analog digital knob psd

Heres a great illustration of clean graphical user interface knob design. The electronic counter thats engrained to the main knob design is a pleasant modern-day touch.

Download Analog-digital Knob

Volume Monster Beats PSD

volume monster beats psd

It is an incredible exemplory instance of ui knob design, the small delicate details really get this design work very well and get noticed.

Download Amount Monster Beats

Volume Knob Pure CSS PSD

volume knob pure css psd

Awesome bit of ui design here, its amazing to believe this whole piece is pure css. Could this be a glimpse into the future of Ui design? Make sure you check out Toms live ui experiment through the link below!

Download Volume Knob Pure CSS

Machinery Knob PSD

machinery knob psd

Great little bit of ui design here, the gears really simply take this knob design to the next level. Excellent vision in this design will be great to notice it doing his thing!

Download Machinery Knob

Knob PSD

knob psd

A really cool, retro searching knob ui factor with a rather special outer quantity marker. The shadows and shows in this element are simply appropriate!

Download Knob

Clean White Knob PSD

clean white knob psd

A fantastic illustration of truthful, clean ui design. The gradient control in this piece is very accomplished.

Download Wash White Knob

Ui knob Built In Austria PSD

ui knob made in austria psd

Some amazing gradients taking place in this ui knob design. This awesome design has actually an extremely real world feel to it.

Download Ui knob Produced In Austria

Green Volume Knob PSD

green volume knob psd

This really is an extremely special take on ui knob design really thinking out side the box, this design combines awesome color, shading, level and style that basically tends to make a direct impact.

Download Green Amount Knob

Ui amount control PSD

ui volume control psd

A fantastic exemplory case of ui knob design here. The tiny details such as the contoured edge in the amount knob really help raise this design.

Download Ui amount control

Volume switch PSD

volume dial psd

A fantastic crisp illustration of graphical user interface knob design. The green background truly helps you to carry the ui factor and give it a far more 3D look and feel.

Download Volume dial

Metal Volume Dial PSD

metal volume dial psd

This will be a good exemplory case of giving your ui knob design a slight 3d effect, great simple clean design right here.

Download Metal Volume Dial

Smooth Knob PSD

soft knob psd

An exceptional exemplory instance of simple, clean, minimal graphical user interface design. Along with plan is awesome too!

Download Soft Knob

Clean control knob PSD

clean control knob psd

This user interface control knob looks amazing. The keeping of the min and max positions could be a problem from a UX viewpoint nonetheless, the overal high quality associated with the graphics design work with this piece is outstanding. Designing ui elements such reasonable contrast is extremely challenging for any fashion designer. This shows how elegant ui design can look in the event that you get the formula just right.

Download Clean control knob

Camera remote ISO knob PSD

camera remote iso knob psd

Heres an incredible exemplory case of knob design obtained from a camera remote application mock up by Jeremey Fleischer. The shades associated with the electronic screen in the heart of the knob tend to be perfect.

Download Camera remote ISO knob

White leather Ui knob PSD

white leather ui knob psd

It doesnt get superior to this! This ui knob design is pixel perfection, the eye to detail and shading really pays down in this design piece.

Download White leather Ui knob

Panning Knob PSD

panning knob psd

A good exemplory instance of the usage slight material gradients and neat shadows.

Download Panning Knob

Volume control PSD

volume control psd

A fantastic exemplory instance of amount control knob design. The sharp metal gradients an slight position help provide this design that advantage.

Download Amount control

Clean Ui Knob PSD

clean ui knob psd

That is and awesome exemplory instance of clean ui design, the lights and colors give it an original feel.

Download Clean Ui Knob

Darkpad Ui Knob PSD

darkpad ui knob psd

An awesome illustration of ui knob design here. Great material gradients and features in this piece, the small line markers put all over exterior regarding the knob look great to.

Download Darkpad Ui Knob

Angled Knob PSD

angled knob psd

An extremely unique strategy to ui knob design. The angle from the front area of the knob actually starts doorways to exactly how we take into account the surface of ui elements.

Download Angled Knob

Navigation Knob PSD

navigation knob psd

Utilizing a knob for navigation is an interesting approach. The gradients, pin sharp icons and refined usage of textures make this design something extra-special.

Download Navigation Knob

Digital Display Knob PSD

digital display knob psd

A rather unique approach to ui knob design right here. The built-in digital display in the exact middle of the knob looks great, I would personally assume this part of the design could be fixed in placed and never turn along with the rest of this control.

Download Digital Show Knob

Wash White Knob PSD

clean white knob psd

Heres a awesome illustration of user interface design, great clean functions and a new color system get this to ui design really effective.

Download Clean White Knob

Metal Ui Knob PSD

metal ui knob psd

This is merely a wonderful bit of user interface design, every little thing in this design is pixel perfect as well as the gradients are bang in! Wow!

Download Metal Ui Knob

Warn Light Metal Knob PSD

warn light metal knob psd

An excellent exemplory instance of ui knob design, the over subjected gradients and deep shadows give this design an authentic look. That damaged area texture additionally helps you to offer level into the design.

Download Warn Light Metal Knob

Damaged Metal Volume Knob PSD

damaged metal volume knob psd

A very good exemplory case of ui knob design. The damaged material history surface actually helps you to elevate this piece.

Download Damaged Metal Volume Knob

Dark audio program knob PSD

dark audio interface knob psd

An awesome exemplory instance of dark user interface design. The Purple energetic light truly brings this audio knob design your. Great work Kieth!

Download Dark audio screen knob

Colourful volume knob PSD

colourful volume knob psd

Heres a great colourful exemplory instance of ui knob design. Because of Zan, you may also download the PSD definitely free.

Download Colourful volume knob

Light UI Knob PSD

light ui knob psd

This is certainly an awesome little bit of clean graphical user interface design, great focus on information in this piece.

Download Light UI Knob

Milky Volume Knob PSD

milky volume knob psd

An excellent illustration of clean graphical user interface design, the refined gradients and shading work with this ui factor have become carried out.

Download Milky Volume Knob

Delicate Knob PSD

subtle knob psd

An attractive illustration of clean, simple, really crafted ui design. The delicate sound truly really helps to supply the shadows a more practical feel. Great work Chris!

Download Delicate Knob

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