30+ Free 3D Text Effects PSD Templates

30+ Free 3D Text Effects PSD Templates

3D text or 3D Typography is one of the most popular type of artwork to learn by creative designers because it reveals your know-how in text selection and their placement on the main design. 3D Typography is not just about the arrangement and placement of text letters and words, instead it has become a field of artwork where artists can go to town entirely through the use of various types of fonts with varying sizes.

If you want to learn to design 3D text effects by using adobe Photoshop, below are a few of our best selections free 3D text effects PSD Templates.

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Retro Vintage Text Styles

Retro Vintage Text Styles

This Retro text styles gives you a quick & easy possibility to apply an high quality retro, vintage, old style to your text. Perfect for poster or flyer, typography, website banner, a facebook cover, or a magazine title and give them the vintage look.

Download: Click Here

Muesli Text Effect Logo PSD Template

muesli text effect logo psd template

A psd design logo with effects encouraged in cereals with white fonts and red outlines on a yellow history.

Download: Click Here

Freebie Logo

freebie logo

A psd logo design with freebie logo and 100% guarantee on it, with purple fonts and design logo, on a white back ground.

Download: Click Here

5 Photoshop Text Styles PSD Template

5 photoshop text styles psd template

Cool logo text design with a unique impact, each various, with logos embossed or pressed which yourself can select easily.

Download: Click Here

Nintendo Logo PSD Template

nintendo logo psd template

If you value nintendo and mario, this logo is for you personally. The famous logo of nintendo using its white and grey colors.

Download: Click Here

Free 3D Text style Silver

free 3d text style gold

A unique 3d realistic logo design with metallic silver features, in an angle representing the logo desired.

Download: Click Here

Free Spott Logo

free spott logo

An exercise logo design with impressive appearance because of the word spott, the two ”t”s resemble a somewhat barbell. With a dark blue back ground.

Download: Click Here

Free Text New Logo

free text new logo

A very simplified logo design using the page k. On as a logo with white font and an orange-colored history.

Download: Click Here

Gold Stamping Logo Mock up

gold stamping logo mock up

A unique logo design with metallic gold foil stamping that adds prestige and a polished look for you logo.

Download: Click Here

Plump Text Logo

plump text logo

A cartoon themed logo text with all the word plump that appears like a marshmallow, yellowish font with red outlines and blue-green background.

Download: Click Here

Free Logo Style PSD Template

free logo style psd template

A logo psd design with shiny features and sparkling lights, with sample sitetitle on a futuristic blue colored background.

Download: Click Here

Fast Logo for Free

speedy logo for free

A simple logo design with a considerably eagle eye whilst the primary logo while the word fast on it. Blue fonts and white history.

Download: Click Here

Cut Fully Out Logo PSD Template

cut out logo psd template

Impressive practical logo design with cut right out like features, works together with shapes letterings or text.

Download: Click Here

Free Flower Florist Logo

free flower florist logo

A tremendously unique logo design with 3d like implements and a unique butterfly wings design on the “f” letter, with pink font.

Download: Click Here

Skotch Whiskey Insignia PSD Template

skotch whiskey insignia psd template

An awesome logo design of skotch whiskey with dry rocky hill back ground and somewhat popular for whiskey brand font style.

Download: Click Here

Noritake Logo PSD Template

noritake logo psd template

A huge but easy logo design with white and black colored colors. Black for the font and white for the back ground and a distinctive font style.

Download: Click Here

Free Simple Thumbnail Slider PSD Template

free simple thumbnail slider psd template

A very cool text logo with amazing text fonts, curved and well colored, with a dark back ground and orange font color.

Download: Click Here

Mojito UI Logo PSD Template

mojito ui logo psd template

an artistic logo design, a user interface that can make use of, with grey backgrounds, a green leaf like logo plus the whit mojito logo.

Download: Click Here

AND Logo

and logo

A unique logo which could be usage. With black and white execution with regards to their unique appearance, and cool logo design.

Download: Click Here

Free Wood Engraved logo PSD Template

free wood engraved logo psd template

A perfect and practical logo mockup design. With lumber engravings, great for any lettering and forms.

Download: Click Here

Runway Text Logo

runway text logo

A very cool logo design with origami themes, triangles with somewhat folded areas, with red and crimson colors on a white history.

Download: Click Here

Smart objects 3D text

smart objects 3d text

Cool 3d text logos with designs that can be custom-made, history is changed with clean or with a colored back ground.

Download: Click Here

Letterpress Logo Mockup PSD Template

letterpress logo mockup psd template

A logo design with practical letterpress printing effects for logos, lettering and more. On a somewhat table background.

Download: Click Here

3D Wall Logo MockUp

3d wall logo mockup

A very good text logo, with a 3d results design really useful as a wall mounted sign oror jfor just a great 3d impacts.

Download: Click Here

Free Tango Logo

free tango logo

A simple yet colorful logo psd design with white font about the tango word and a blue back ground.

Download: Click Here

Free New Personal Typeface Website

free new personal typeface website

A very simple logo text with dark implementations on. Dark history with a lighter dark font.

Download: Click Here

Free Logo Design Mockup Logo PSD Template

free logo design mockup logo psd template

Practical logo design mockups with smart templates on a cloth like history with blue fonts.

Download: Click Here

Free Metallic Text Impact PSD Template

free metallic text effect psd template

A very good logo design with metallic features, embossed sample is the famous vaio laptop logo, on a grey like background.

Download: Click Here

Taylor Swift Logo PSD Template

taylor swift logo psd template

If you’d like taylor swifts logo listed here is the design that you need the right for you personally with brown fonts and white back ground.

Download: Click Here

Bleach Logo

bleach logo

If you prefer anime in addition bleach the following is a logo that resembles bleach logo, impressive logo design.

Download: Click Here

Smart 3D Impact Logo PSD Template

smart 3d effect logo psd template

A cool 3d logo design that turns text or forms in 3d, can also be applied in social media buttons for a 3d look.

Download: Click Here

Twilight Text Logo

twilight text logo

A cool logo design with theme prompted by twilight, best for all teenage vampire loving fans this logo is for you.

Download: Click Here

Free Realistic 3D Logo Mock up PSD Template

free realistic 3d logo mock up psd template

An amazing 3d logo design with realistic designs that looks so amazing. 3D logos, along with other user interface buttons in 3d.

Download: Click Here

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